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An aircraft carrier is a type of warship, which in essence are designed to support its primary role: to deploy and recover aircraft. However, that would not be the only role of aircraft carrier, for there is also another role in which the warship will act as seagoing airbase. It is easy to imagine such warship too, since it has been used many times in popular artifact like movie. So it would likely that you can easily imagine the warship for it is now become integral part of daily life, particularly when some of its photograph has been tagged in military magazine. Within its evolution, aircraft carrier allows naval force to perform aerial mission around the globe without even need to depend on local bases. On the other hand, they have also evolved in term of its shape. We may have witnessed some changes here. An old aircraft carrier built with wooden vessels utilized to deploy balloons. Nowadays, such warship is powered by nuclear and able to carry dozens of rotary-wing and fixed wing aircraft. There are nine nations which posses aircraft carrier, and each of them has been developed navy aircraft carrier system which also effective for supporting battlefield, but in time of peace, such warship now playing role as ‘deterrent’.

You may wonder here, which nation that posses the largest aircraft carrier? Before answering this question, we should also understand that in many times, aircraft carrier regarded as the capital ship, and that would be meant a nation which want to have aircraft carrier must pay extremely expensive cost to build one of them. According to statistic, there are six nations who own aircraft carrier, and 21 warships are currently operated. From the numbers, United States aircraft carrier had been operating eleven of warships. And so there was the number has made the US as the superior one in term of ownership of the warship. Based on these statistics, we could assume that the nation that able to build such warship is only those who rich and have many resources to build one. So it is true that aircraft carrier has also become a symbol of superiority since. Military forces of a nation can be measured through the ownership of that type of warship.

In term of aircraft carrier of the world, there is apparently some different, such one as Soviet aircraft carrier that is now used by Russia were called as aviation cruisers. However, there are also many types of aircraft carrier, which in essence divided into: light aircraft carrier, helicopter carrier, seaplane tender & carrier, balloon tender and carrier, and amphibious assault ship. But wherever we might see it, aircraft carrier is important especially for supporting the assault ground.

Aircraft Carrier in The World, US Aircraft Carrier, Russian Aircraft Carrier, France, Italy, and Spain. The list of aircraft carrier:
Aircraft CarrierPictureSpesificationsCountryYear
Queen Elizabeth ClassQueen Elizabeth Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 65,600 tons
Length: 284 m (932 ft)
Beam: 39 m (128 ft) (waterline)
73 m (240 ft) overall
Draught: 11 m (36 ft)
Decks: 16,000 m2 (170,000 sq ft)
Speed: +25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph)
Range: 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km; 12,000 mi)
Capacity: 1,450

Shi Lang

Gerald R. Ford Class Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 112,000 short tons
Length: 1,092 ft (333 m)
Beam: Flight deck: 252 ft (77 m) Waterline: 134 ft (41 m)
Speed: In excess of 30 kn (56 km/h; 35 mph)

Vikrant Class Aircraft CarrierVikrant Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement:
CV-01 40,000 tonnes
CV-02 65,000 tonnes (conventionally powered carrier)
Length: 262 metres (860ft)
Beam: 60 metres (197ft)
Draught: 8.4 metres (28ft)
Speed: 28 kn (52 km/h)
Range: 7,500 nmi (13,900 km)

Cavour (550)Aircraft Carrier Cavour (550)Displacement: 30,000 tons(full-load)
Length: 244 m
Beam: 39 m
Draught: 8.7 m
Speed: 28+ knots
Range: 7,000 nautical miles (13,000 km) at 16 knots (30 km/h)

Charles de GaulleAircraft Carrier Charles de GaulleDisplacement: 42,000 tonnes (full load)
Length: 261.5 m (858 ft) overall
Beam: 64.36 m (211.2 ft) overall
Draught: 9.43 m (30.9 ft)
Speed: 27 knots (50 km/h)

HTMS Chakri NaruebetHTMS Chakri NaruebetDisplacement: 11,486 tons full load
Length: 182.65 m (599.2 ft) (overall)
174.1 m (571 ft) (flight deck)
164.1 metres (538 ft) (between perpendiculars)
Beam: 22.5 m (74 ft) (waterline)
30.5 m (100 ft) maximum
Draught: 6.12 m (20.1 ft)
Speed: 25.5 knots
Range: 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km; 12,000 mi) at 12 knots
Admiral KuznetsovAdmiral KuznetsovDisplacement: 67,500-tons
Length: 305 m (1,001 ft)
Beam: 72 m (236 ft)
Draught: 11 m (36 ft)
Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h)
Range: 8,500 mi (13,700 km) @ 18 knots (33 km/h)

Principe de AsturiasAircraft Carrier Principe de AsturiasDisplacement: 15,912 tons standard,
16,700 tons loaded
Length: 195.9 m (643 ft)
Beam: 24.3 m (80 ft)
Draught: 9.4 m (31 ft)
Speed: 26 knots (48 km/h)
Range: 6,500 nautical miles (12,000 km) at 20 knots (37 km/h)

Giuseppe Garibaldi (551)Aircraft Carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi (551)Displacement: 10,100 tons (standard)
13,850 tons (loaded)
Length: 180.2 m
Beam: 33.4 m
Draught: 8.2 m
Speed: 30+ knots
Range: 7,000 nautical miles (13,000 km) at 20 knots (37 km/h)

Invincible Class Aircraft CarrierInvincible Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 22,000 tons full load
Length: 209 m
Beam: 36 m
Draught: 8 m
Speed: 28 knots
Range: 7,000 nautical miles
Kiev Class Aircraft CarrierKiev Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 45,500 tons full load
Length: 273 m
Beam: 32.6 m
Draught:10 m
Speed: 32 knots
Range: - nautical miles
Nimitz Class Aircraft CarrierNimitz Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 106,300 tons full load
Length: 332.8 m
Beam: 76.8 m
Draught:11.3 m
Speed: 30 knots
Range: 20 years
Moskva Class Helicopter CarrierMoskva Class Helicopter CarrierDisplacement: 17,500 tons full load
Length: 189 m
Beam: 23 m
Draught:13 m
Speed: 31 knots
Range: 14,000 nm
Clemenceau Class Aircraft CarrierClemenceau Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 32,780 tons full load
Length: 265 m
Beam: 31.7 m
Draught:8.2 m
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 7,500 nm
USS Enterprise Class Aircraft CarrierUSS Enterprise Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 94,781 tons full load
Length: 342 m
Beam: 78.4 m
Draught:12 m
Speed: 33.6 knots
Range: 20 years
Kitty Hawk Class Aircraft CarrierKitty Hawk Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 81,780 tons full load
Length: 326 m
Beam: 86 m
Draught:12 m
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 12,000 nm
Forrestal Class Aircraft CarrierForrestal Class Aircraft CarrierDisplacement: 60,000 tons full load
Length: 330 m
Beam: 76 m
Draught:11 m
Speed: 33 knots
Range: 8,000 nm
Centaur class aircraft carriersCentaur class aircraft carriersDisplacement: 28,700 tons full load
Length: 224.6 m
Beam: 39.6 m
Draught: 8.7 m
Speed: 28 knots
Range: - nm
Audacious class aircraft carrierAudacious class aircraft carrierDisplacement: - tons
Length: 245 m
Beam: 41 m
Draught: 10 m
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 7,000 nmi (13,000 km) at 18 knots (21 mph; 33 km/h)
Saipan class aircraft carrierSaipan class aircraft carrierDisplacement: 19,000 tons
Length: 208.7 m
Beam: 35 m
Draught: 8.5 m
Speed: 33 knots
Range: -

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