List of Pistol


Most often seen types of pistol are the single shot, revolver and semi-automatic.

Single shot pistol were mainly seen during the era of flintlock and musket weaponry where the pistol was loaded with a lead ball and fired by a percussion cap. However, as technology improved, so did the single shot pistol. New operating mechanisms were created, and due to this, they are still made today. They are often used to hunt game.

Multi barreled pistol were common during the same time as single shot pistols. As designers looked for ways to increase fire rates, multiple barrels were added to all guns including pistols. Some examples of multi-barreled pistols are Derringers and Duck's foot pistols.

The evolution of handguns between the rotating-barrel and the semi-automatic is defined as a revolver, with a rotating cylinder most often seen with 5 or 6 round capacities. These pistols are very common to be seen in "Old Western" movies (e.g., the Colt Single Action Army) and are known for reliability and accuracy if properly maintained.

A type of revolver requiring the hammer to be drawn back manually to rotate the cylinder and bring a fresh cartridge into battery for each shot. The Colt Paterson Revolver, the Walker Colt, the Colt's Dragoon and the Colt Single Action Army pistol of the American Frontier era are all good examples of this system

A type of revolver that can be used as a single action, but also one in which the pulling of the trigger cocks the hammer, rotates the cylinder, and releases the hammer to strike the cartridge directly in older designs; or to impact a striker which fires the cartridge in newer designs. Examples of the system include the Colt Model of 1917 Substitute Standard Revolver, the Smith & Wesson Model 10 (aka the S&W Military & Police Pistol), and the Smith & Wesson Model 29 made famous by the Dirty Harry films.

A type of revolver in which the pulling of the trigger cocks the hammer, rotates the cylinder to bring a new round into battery, and releases the hammer to strike the cartridge directly in older designs or to impact a striker which fires the cartridge in newer designs. In many cases, such as the Smith & Wesson Ladysmith, the hammer is contained within a shroud and cannot be accessed by the shooter. The advantages to this system are the speed of cycling and simplicity of use, as there is no safety to disengage. The disadvantage of shooting doube-action-only is the much heaver trigger pull required to cycle the action, which results in decreased accuracy on the part of the shooter.

Semi automatic pistol was next development of the pistol. Instead of using multiple barrels which all needed to be reloaded individually, semi-automatic pistols could deliver greater fire rate and only require a few seconds to reload depending on the skill of the shooter. They work by the fired cartridge generating enough kinetic energy to force the bolt back to allow the magazine spring to push another round into the chamber. This also includes certain types of revolvers.

A Machine Pistol is a fully automatic pistol. It utilises the same functions as a semi automatic pistol, similar gas reaction pushed the hammer back continuously until the magazine is emptied. This usually requires the fitting of a longer magazine or drum magazine.

Pistol Picture Cartridge Country Year
Howdah pistol
.455 Webley British Empire unknown
Ruger LC9
9x19 mm United States 2011
Hogue Avenger
.45 ACP Austria 2010
Ruger LCP
.380 ACP United States 2009
CZ 2075 RAMI
9x19 mm Czech Republic 2007
Fort 17
9x18mm Makarov Ukraine 2007
Freedom Arms single shot pistol
.375 Winchester United States 2007
Ruger SR9
9x19 mm United States 2007
SIG P250 DCc
9x19 mm Germany 2007
Walther PPS
9x19 mm
.40 SW
Germany 2007
Caracal pistol
9x19 mm United Arab Emirates 2006
Guncrafter Industries Model No. 2
.50 GI United States 2006
Heckler & Koch P30
9x19 mm Germany 2006
Heckler & Koch UCP
4.6x30 mm Germany 2006
Kel-Tec PLR-16
5.56 NATO United States 2006
Dan Wesson M1911 ACP pistol
.45 ACP United States 2005
Danuvia VD-01
9x19 mm Hungary 2005
Glock 39
.45 GAP Austria 2005
Taurus Millennium PT140
.40 S&W Brazil 2005
Taurus Millennium PT145
.45 ACP Brazil 2005
Taurus PT1911
.45 ACP Brazil 2005
9x19 mm Venezuela 2005
Zastava CZ05
9x19 mm Serbia 2005
Beretta Px4 Storm
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
Italy 2004
Brügger & Thomet MP9
9x19mm Parabellum Switzerland 2004
Glock 38
.45 GAP Austria 2004
Kel-Tec P-3AT
.380 ACP United States 2004
9x19 mm Russia 2004
Taurus PT 24/7
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
Brazil 2004
Fort 14
9x18mm Makarov Ukraine 2003
FN FNP series
9x19 mm Belgium 2003
Glock 37
.45 GAP Austria 2003
Ruger P345
.45 ACP United States 2003
Beretta 92G-SD/96G-SD
9x19 mm Italy 2002
5.8x21mm DAP92 China 2002
Heckler & Koch MP7
4.6x30 mm Germany 2001
Heckler & Koch P2000
9x19 mm Germany 2001
Beretta U22 Neos
.22 LR Italy 2000s
Carbon 15 Type 21
9x19 mm United States 2000s
Carbon 15 Type 21S
9x19 mm United States 2000s
Carbon 15 Type 97
9x19 mm United States 2000s
Carbon 15 Type 97S
9x19 mm United States 2000s
Carbon 15 9mm
9x19 mm United States 2000s
CZ 110
9x19 mm Czech Republic 2000s
9x19 mm Malaysia 2000s
.45 ACP Ukraine 2000s
Tanfoglio Combat Sport
9x19 mm Italy 2000s
Tisas Zigana C45
.45 ACP Turkey 2000s
Tisas Zigana K
9x19 mm Turkey 2000s
Tisas Zigana M16
9x19 mm Turkey 2000s
Tisas Zigana T
9x19 mm Turkey 2000s
FN Five-seveN
5.7x28mm Belgium 2000
Guncrafter Industries Model No. 1
.50 GI United States 2000
Pistol model 2000
9x19 mm Romania 2000
VBR-Belgium CQBW
Belgium 2000
9x19 mm United Kingdom 19??
Arsenal P-M02
9x19mm Bulgaria 1999
Kel-Tec P-32
.32 ACP United States 1999
SIG P228
9x19 mm Switzerland 1999
SIG P229
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.357 SIG
Switzerland 1999
Springfield Armory XD
9x19 mm Croatia 1999
Steyr M
9x19 mm Austria 1999
Zastava CZ999
9x19 mm Serbia 1999
Kimber Custom TLE II
.45 ACP United States 1998
Tanfoglio T95
9x19 mm Italy 1998
Glock 29
10mm Auto Austria 1997
IM Metal HS 2000
9x19 mm
.357 SIG
.45 ACP
Croatia 1997
Kimber Custom
.45 ACP United States 1997
Tanfoglio Force
9x19 mm Italy 1997
SIG P226
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.357 SIG
Switzerland 1996
Vektor CP1
9x19 mm South Africa 1996
Walther P22
.22 LR Germany 1996
Walther P99
9x19 mm
.40 SW
Germany 1996
Bersa Thunder 380
.380 ACP Argentina 1995
CZ 100
9x19 mm Czech Republic 1995
Glock 26
9x19 mm Austria 1995
Kimber Aegis
9x19 mm United States 1995
OTs-33 Pernach
9x18mm Makarov Russia 1995
9x18 mm Makarov Russia 1995
Ruger MP9
9x19 mm United States 1995
Arcus 94
9x19 mm Bulgaria 1994
Bersa Thunder 9
9x19 mm Argentina 1994
Beretta 8000
9x19 mm Italy 1994
9x18mm Makarov Russia 1994
5.8x21mm DAP92
9x19 mm
China 1994
Ruger P97
.40 S&W United States 1994
Star Firestar M43
9x19 mm Spain 1994
CZ 92
9x19 mm Czech Republic 1992
Ruger P95
9x19 mm United States 1992
Vektor SP
9x19 mm South Africa 1992
Browning BDM
9x19 mm United States 1991
Glock 20
10mm Auto Austria 1991
Glock 22
.40 S&W Austria 1991
Heckler & Koch MK23
.45 ACP Germany 1991
Kel-Tec P-11
9x19 mm United States 1991
OTs-02 Kiparis
9x18mm Makarov Russia 1991
Ruger P89
9x19 mm United States 1991
Ruger P90
.45 ACP United States 1991
Beretta 9000
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
Italy 1990s
.45 ACP United States 1990s
Fort 12
9x18mm Makarov Ukraine 1990s
Glock 21
.45 ACP Austria 1990s
Glock 23
.40 S&W Austria 1990s
Glock 24
.40 S&W Austria 1990s
Glock 25
.380 ACP Austria 1990s
Glock 27
.40 S&W Austria 1990s
Glock 28
.380 ACP Austria 1990s
Glock 30
.45 ACP Austria 1990s
Glock 31
.357 SIG Austria 1990s
Glock 32
.357 SIG Austria 1990s
Glock 33
.357 SIG Austria 1990s
Glock 34
9x19 mm Austria 1990s
Glock 35
.40 S&W Austria 1990s
Glock 36
.45 ACP Austria 1990s
Hi-Point .45 ACP
.45 ACP United States 1990s
Hi-Point Model 40 SW
.40 S&W United States 1990s
Kahr Arms T9
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
United States 1990s
Kahr Arms P9
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
United States 1990s
Kahr Arms CW9
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
United States 1990s
Kahr Arms MK9
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
United States 1990s
5.45x18mm Russia 1990s
SIG P239
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.357 SIG
Switzerland 1990s
Star Ultrastar
9x19 mm Spain 1990s
Steyr TMP
9x19 mm Austria 1990s
Zastava CZ99
9x19 mm Serbia 1990s
Akdal Ghost
9x19 mm Turkey 1990
Claridge Hi-Tec/Goncz Pistol
9x19 mm United States 1990
Daewoo DP51
9x19 mm South Korea 1990
Jericho 941
9x19 mm
.45 ACP
Israel 1990
M9 Pistol
9x19 mm Italy
United States
MGP-15 submachine gun
9x19 mm Peru 1990
Minebea PM-9
9x19 mm Japan 1990
Bersa 83
.380 ACP Argentina 1989
Heckler & Koch USP
9x19 mm
.357 SIG
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
Germany 1989
Glock 19
9x19 mm Austria 1988
Para-Ordnance P14-45
.45 ACP
.40 S&W
.38 Super
Canada 1988
Walther P88
9x19 mm Germany 1988
45 ACP Czech Republic 1987
Llama (pistol)
9x19 mm Spain 1986
Norinco NP-22
9x19 mm China 1986
.50 BMG Soviet Union 1986
Browning Buck Mark
.22 LR United States 1985
CZ 85
9x19 mm Czech Republic 1985
Ruger P85
9x19 mm United States 1985
Star Z84
9x19 mm Spain 1985
Goncz GA-9
9x19 mm United States 1984
Bren Ten
10 mm Auto
.45 ACP
United States 1983
COP 357 Derringer
.357 Magnum United States 1983
7.62x41mm Russia 1983
Taurus PT92
9x19 mm Brazil 1983
ALFA Defender
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
Czech Republic 1982
Astra A-80
9x19 mm
.38 Super
.45 ACP
Spain 1982
CZ P-01
9x19 mm Czech Republic 1980s
Pistol AUTO 9 mm 1A
9x19 mm India 1980s
Semmerling compact pistol
.45 ACP United States 1980s
UZI Pistol
9x19 mm Israel 1980s
ALFA Combat
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
Czech Republic 1980
Glock 17
9x19 mm Austria 1980
Glock 18
9x19 mm Austria 1980
Norinco NZ-75
9x19 mm China 1980
Type 80 pistol
7.62x25mm Tokarev China 1980
Beretta 21 Bobcat
.25 ACP Italy 1979
Beretta 3032 Tomcat
.32 ACP Italy 1979
Desert Eagle
.44 Magnum
.50 Action Express
United States 1979
Beretta 93R
9x19 mm Italy 1978
AMT Hardballer
.45 ACP United States 1977
Beretta Cheetah
.32 ACP Italy 1976
Beretta 87 Target
.22 LR Italy 1976
Heckler & Koch P7
9x19 mm
.380 ACP
West Germany 1976
Type 77 pistol
7.62x17mm Type 64
9x19 mm
China 1976
Beretta 92
9x19 mm Italy 1975
CZ 75
9x19 mm Czech Republic 1975
9x19 mm France 1975
PAMAS modèle G1
9x19 mm France 1975
SIG P220
9x19 mm Switzerland 1975
.380 ACP United States 1972
.221 Remington Fireball United States 1971
5.45x18mm Russia 1971
SPP-1 Underwater Pistol
4.5x39R Soviet Union 1971
9x19 mm United States 1970s
AMT Automag II
.22 WMR United States 1970s
.30 Carbine United States 1970s
AMT AutoMag IV
.45 Winchester Magnum United States 1970s
AMT Automag V
.50 Action Express United States 1970s
CZ SP-01
9x19 mm Czech Republic 1970s
9x19 mm Hungary 1970s
Heckler & Koch P11
7.62x36 mm West Germany 1970s
Intratec TEC-DC9
9x19 mm United States 1970s
9x19 mm South Africa 1970s
Walther P5
9x19 mm Germany 1970s
Heckler & Koch VP70
9x19 mm West Germany 1970
.45 ACP United States 1970
Mk 1 Underwater Defense Gun
Mark 59 Mod 0 Projectile United States 1970
Zastava M70
.32 ACP
.380 ACP
Serbia 1970
AutoMag (pistol)
.44 magnum United States 1969
9x19 mm Hungary 1969
Heckler & Koch HK4
.22 LR West Germany 1967
9x19 mm Rhodesia 1965
Heckler & Koch P9
9x19 mm West Germany 1965
Kommando LDP
9x19 mm Rhodesia 1965
Lucznik Arms Factory P-64
9x18 mm Makarov Poland 1965
Deer gun
9x19 mm United States 1964
Remington XP-100
.221 Remington Fireball United States 1963
Škorpion vz. 61
.32 ACP Czechoslovakia 1961
Walther TPH
.22 LR
.25 ACP
Germany 1961
AMT Skipper
.45 ACP United States 1960s
13x50mm rocket United States 1960s
Ruger Hawkeye
.256 Winchester Magnum United States 1960s
Type 64 pistol
7.62x17mm Type 64 China 1960
Zastava M57
7.62x25 Tokarev Serbia 1957
Beretta 950 Jetfire
.25 ACP Italy 1952
Beretta M 1951
9x19 mm Italy 1951
Makarov PM
9x18mm Makarov Soviet Union
Trejo pistol
.22LR / .380 ACP Mexico 1950s
Lercker pistol
.32 ACP Italy 1950
FN Forty-Nine
9x19 mm Belgium 1949
SIG P210
9x19 mm Switzerland 1949
Stechkin APS
9x19 mm
9x18mm Makarov
Soviet Union 1948
FP-45 Liberator
.45 ACP United States 1942
9x19 mm Germany 1940s
ČZ vz. 38
.380 ACP Czechoslovakia 1938
Sauer 38H
.32 ACP Germany 1938
Walther P38
9x19 mm Germany 1938
.32 ACP Great Britain 1938
Beretta M 1935
.32 ACP Italy 1935
Husqvarna M/40
9x19 mm Finland 1935
Vis pistol
9x19 mm Poland 1935
Beretta M 1934
.380 ACP Italy 1934
Obregón pistol
.45 ACP Mexico 1934
Type 94 Nambu
8x22mm Nambu Japan 1934
MAB Model D
.32 ACP France 1933
Tokarev TT-33
7.62x25mm Tokarev Russia 1933
MAB Model B
.25 ACP France 1932
9x19 mm France 1931
Walther PPK
.22 LR
.380 ACP
Germany 1931
Inglis Hi-Power
9x19 mm
.357 SIG
.40 S&W
Canada 1930s
Tokarev TT-30
7.62x25mm Tokarev Russia 1930
Walther PP
.22 LR
.380 ACP
Germany 1929
Astra Model 900
7.63x25mm Mauser Spain 1927
.45 ACP Argentina 1927
ČZ vz. 27
.32 ACP Czechoslovakia 1927
FN Hi-Power
9x19 mm Belgium 1925
Type 14 Nambu
8x22mm Nambu Japan 1925
.380 ACP
9 mm Largo
Spain 1924
Mossberg Brownie
.22 LR United States 1922
Astra 400
9x19 mm Spain 1921
Browning Hi-Power
9x19 mm
.40 S&W
United States 1921
CZ vz. 22
.380 ACP Czechoslovakia 1921
MAB Model A
.25 ACP France 1920s
Beretta 418
.25 ACP Italy 1919
Steyr M1912
9 mm Steyr Austria–Hungary 1912
Colt M1911
.45 ACP United States 1911
FN model 1910
.380 ACP Belgium 1910
Glisenti Model 1910
9 mm Glisenti Italy 1910
Luger P08 pistol
9x19 mm Germany 1910
Baby Nambu
7x20mm Nambu Japan 1906
Garrucha (pistol)
.32 S&W
.38 S&W
Brazil 1902
Nambu pistol
8x22mm Nambu Japan 1902
Bergmann-Bayard pistol
9mm Largo Belgium 1901
Mauser C96
7.63x25mm Mauser Germany 1899
Mars Automatic Pistol
.45 Mars Long and others United Kingdom 1890s
Lancaster pistol
.455 Webley British Empire 1860
Remington Rider Single Shot Pistol
4.3 mm United States 1860
Remington Zig-Zag Derringer
.22 LR United States 1860
Harpers Ferry Model 1805
.58 calibre ball United States 1805
Duck foot pistol
.45 ACP[citation needed] United Kingdom 1800s
Nock gun
.52 calibre ball United Kingdom 1779
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