List of Mortar


A mortar is an indirect fire weapon that fires shells at low velocities, short ranges, and high-arcing ballistic trajectories. It is typically muzzle-loading and has a barrel length less than 15 times its caliber.

A mortar is relatively simple and easy to operate. A modern mortar consists of a tube into which gunners drop a shell, which is usually referred to as a bomb or round. The tube is generally set at between 45 and 85 degrees angle to the ground, with the higher angle giving shorter firing distances. The shell contains a quantity of propellant. When it reaches the base of the tube it hits a firing pin, which detonates the propellant and fires the shell. Some larger caliber mortars have a string operated firing pin instead of a fixed one.

List of Mortar:
Dragon FireDragon Fire MortarUSDevelop
LLR 81mmLLR 81mm mortarFrance1997
Hirtenberger M6C-210Hirtenberger M6C-210 mortarAustriaModern
81 KRH 71 Y81 KRH 71 Y mortarFinlandModern
Soltam K6Soltam K6 mortarIsraelModern
L9A1 51 mm Light MortarL9A1 51 mm Light MortarUKModern
120mm M2 RAIADO120mm M2 RAIADO mortarBrazilModern
120 KRH 92120 KRH 92 mortarFinlandModern
Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1Mortier 120mm RayéFranceModern
M252 mortarM252 Mortar pictureUS1986
2B14 Podnos2B14 Podnos MortarRussia1983
2S12 SaniRussia1981
L16 81mm MortarUK1965
M29 mortarUS1952
M30 mortarUS1951
M19 mortarUSCold War
M224 mortarUSCold War
Brandt 60 mm LR Gun-mortarFranceCold War
Brandt mle 27/31FranceWW 2
Brixia Model 35ItalyWW 2
Mortaio da 81/14 Modello 35ItalyWW 2
Type 94 90 mm Infantry MortarJapanWW 2
M1 mortarUSWW 2
M2 4.2 inch mortarUS1943
Granatwerfer 42Germany1942
82-PM-41Soviet Union1941
M2 mortarUS1940
37mm Spade MortarSoviet Union1939
PM-38Soviet Union1938
2-inch mortarUK1938
Type 97 81 mm infantry mortarJapan1937
Type 97 90 mm Infantry MortarJapan1937
82-PM-37Soviet Union1937
Type 96 150 mm Infantry MortarJapan1936
5 cm Granatwerfer 36Germany1936
Granatnik wz.36Poland1936
8 cm Granatwerfer 34Germany1934
Type 89 grenade dischargerJapan1929
Type 11 70 mm Infantry MortarJapan1922
Ordnance ML 3 inch MortarUK1920
12 cm Luftminenwerfer M 16Austria-Hungary1915
2 inch Medium MortarUK1915
Stokes mortarUK1915
10.5 cm Luftminenwerfer M 15Germany1915
7.58 cm MinenwerferGermany1901

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