MGP Submachine Gun


MGP Submachine Gun

The Peruvian MGP series is a family of 9mm submachine guns and semi-automatic pistols which have been produced by the Peruvian Navy's SIMA CEFAR factory since the 1980s. MGP stands for Marina de Guerra del Peru. Although compact as submachine guns, they are somewhat bulky as pistols.

MGPs are simple blowback designs firing from an open bolt. They are equipped with folding stocks which stabilize the weapon when firing at longer ranges. All versions may be fitted with a suppressor and are meant to use Uzi magazines.

MGP-79/79 A

The MGP-79 was the first MGP SMG developed from 1979–1985, adopted by Peruvian security forces including police and military. The barrel can be removed and replaced by a barrel/silencer assembly for covert missions. In addition, the front end of the receiver has a threaded portion, which is used to mount a perforated barrel jacket to allow the operator to aim the weapon better.

Its butt can be folded to the front in order to provide extra grip.


The MGP-87 is an updated version of the MGP-79A, developed in 1987. It was made more compact than its predecessor. Like the MGP-79A, the barrel can be unscrewed and replaced by a combined barrel and silencer assembly for covert operations.


The MGP-15 was developed in 1990. Had been adopted by the Peruvian Military to replace Browning Hi-Power pistols.


The MGP-84 is an updated version of the MGP-15, mainly used for close protection duties.


The MGP-14 Micro is a semi-automatic combat submachine gun of the MGP-84, which was known formerly as MGP-84C. It's also known as the MGP-14 pistol.

Pistola Ametralladora MGP
Type Submachine gun
Place of origin Peru
Production history
Manufacturer SIMA CEFAR
Cartridge 9x19mm Parabellum
Action Blowback
Feed system 30 round box magazine
Sights Iron
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