Ghadir Class Submarine


Ghadir Class Submarine

Ghadir is a class of midget submarines built in Iran. It is named after Ghadir Khumm, a place in Saudi Arabia that is holy to Shia Muslims.

On 24 November 2007 Iranian rear-admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced: "A home-made destroyer called 'Jamaran' and a home-made submarine of Ghadir class will launch operation on November 28." He also said that the submarine is equipped with the latest military and technological equipment and that its capabilities are equal to that of foreign types.

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei was quoted saying: "Today, you have been able to design and build many of the military requirements. We have become self-sufficient from other countries," to Iran's navy commanders on the day the submarine was launched. New Ghadir submarines were delivered to the Iranian navy on June 2009 and August 2010. The Ghadir resembles the North Korean Sang-O class submarine.

Class overview
Builders: Defense Industries Organization
Operators: Islamic Republic of Iran Navy
Preceded by: Nahang Class
Succeeded by: Qaaem class submarine
In service: 28 November 2007
Completed: 10
General characteristics
Tonnage: 120 tonnes
Displacement: 115 tons surfaced
Length: 29 m
Beam: ~3 m
Draught: ~2.5 m
Propulsion: Diesel-electric propulsion
Speed: 11 knots
Complement: 18
Armament: 2 x 533mm torpedos, mines

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