Buyan class corvette


Buyan class corvette
The Buyan class corvette was designed by Zelenodolsk Design and designated Project 21630 by the Russian Government. This is the newest corvette of the Russian Navy. The first ship of her class, the Astrakhan was commissioned on January 2006, and assigned to the Caspian Flotilla.

In August 2010 some information about new modified Project 21631 ships was published. The lead ship of this project, Grad Sviyazhsk, was laid down in 27 August 2010. This ship is a missile version of Project 21630 "Buyan" small-size gunnery ship and is dubbed as "Buyan-M". This ship of Project 21631 is aimed at dedicated to the defense of national economic zones and its main purpose is engagement of surface warships. This is going to be an up-to-date ship armed with missile and artillery weapons, and equipped with electronic countermeasure equipment. The yard will build five ships including the lead one, since a contract was approved by the Russian defense ministry on May 26.

Buyan class corvette
The export variant similar to Project 21630 called "Tornado" is planned, but no contracts are signed now.

General characteristics
Type: Project 21630

550 Tons (project 21630)

949 Tons (project 21631)

62 m (203 ft) (21630)

74.1 m (243 ft) (21631)

9.6 m (31 ft) (21630)

11 m (36 ft) (21631)
Height: 6.57 m (22 ft)

2 m (7 ft) (21630)

2.6 m (9 ft) (21631)
Propulsion: 1x CODAD engine ?hp

28 Knots (21630)

25 Knots (21631)
Range: 1500 miles
Endurance: 10 days
Complement: 29-36
Sensors and
processing systems:

radar: «Pozitiv-ME1.2» flat active phased array air/surface radar

Sonar: «Anapa-ME» suite (for export)

1 x 100 mm A-190
2 x 30 mm AK-630 (AK-630-M2 in 21631)
1x40 A-215 "Grad-M" (only 21630)
8 x SS-N-27 (Kalibr) AShM in 14UKSK VLS (only 21631)
1x4 3M-47 Gibka (Igla-1M) (2x4 in 21631)

2x1 14.5 mm, 3x1 7.62 mm

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