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battle tank
Battle tank or universal tank or also referred as main battle tank is the mobile military vehicle that has the role of firing heavy direct fires towards the enemies. The history of the tank was started when the military world thought that the time for a change came for these tanks. Back then, the battle tank is in three main categories. There were light tank, medium tank, heavy tank and the super heavy tanks. Nowadays, the main tanks are considered being the important part of the armies in the modern days. The battle tank will be supporting the armies in groups.

The battle tank evolved from the light tank to the heavier tanks from time to time. During the World War I, the battle tank was meant to support the infantry by firing the enemies at the opposite sides. There were two types of battle tank back then and both had the same role. During the World War II the development of the new tank was headed to the more sophisticated tanks with the more advanced technology as well as advanced armory. Every major country during that time of war developed their kind of tanks. The tanks eventually became heavier while the role of tanks was still the same.

The development of the battle tank continued to the light battle tanks those were meant to be the smaller and also faster tanks on the battlefield. This type of tank was invented during World War II as well and Japanese armies during that time were able to maximize the ability had by this type of battle tank in Battle of Malaya. In the next development can also be found medium tanks those meant to support the armies and also to be anti-tank weapon. The other type of battle tank is known as heavy tanks those meant to be the breakthrough tank in the battlefield as well as engaging armored enemies.

Super heavy tanks were the very heavy tanks those only reached prototype stage simply because it wasn’t practical enough due its weight. The age of modern technology comes and now the battle tank was made into various categories for the various purposes. Amongst the classical tanks, light tanks and medium tanks continue to evolve. The medium tanks are now often referred as the main battle tank which has the more advanced of armor and fit the more advanced weaponry. The development of main battle tank gradually increases the weight of the medium weighted battle tank.
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