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Machine guns were firstly invented in USA in the year 1883. The first one was created by Hiram Maxim. The first machine guns were taken to colonial war within South Africa and Russia-Japan. While in World War I, both sides of war used these specific guns. World War I machine guns are known to be the heavy machine guns as well as light machine guns. These two types of the machine guns widely used during World War I and after that these guns became the standard issue for the ground teams of armies. These specific machinery guns were modified with various necessary changes but most of these guns were Maxims’.

As the will to get the better weapons rose, the development of machine guns technology continued. In the two World Wars, the large caliber MGs made the first appearance. In World War II machine guns, Soviet DShK-12.7 and American/Belgian Browning M2 were known as the best examples for the machine guns with large caliber. It was during the World War II, Germany developed MG (Mg42, Mg43 etc.). MG was made to be the heavy as well as the light machine guns those developed in mass production. MG developed by Germany capable on targeting the air targets or the ground targets.

MG set a new trend and many of the later machine guns capable in using tripods and bipods. The almost modern medium machine guns adapted the same concept to them. Nowadays, the more modern machine guns with the more automatic machine guns technology play the role of providing the sustained firepower against the troops of enemy or the targets with no armors. Machine guns may also used to deal with the targets with light armor such as the helicopters or recon vehicles. One light machine gun is something used by almost any infantry squads nowadays.

The heavier version of machine guns is still being used too. Nowadays the heavier MGs are being used for the purpose anti-aircraft and usually installed on tanks. The medium machine guns are used and installed on various military vehicles such as jeep or tanks. In almost every model of the MGs is using the quick interchangeable barrels. There will be one or two spare barrels carried from the manufacturer and these barrels can be changed immediately when it needs to. The modern military units have at least one of MGs, usually the light one to support them in battles and the armies will continue in using machine guns.
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