Video:Rebel fighters shot down Assad fighter jet


Free Syrian Army secures a buffer zone near the border with Turkey. This area is a safe for thousands of Syrian refugees. Rebel fighters successfully controlled  the strategic town of Latakia and Idlib while Turkish fighter jet aircraft preventing Syrian air force to attack opposition territory which lies 10km from the border. Syrian troops have pulled tanks and artillery from the border.

'Scorched earth campaign' by the regime Assad done by attacking the rebels with all types of heavy weapons and warplanes. Bloody Sunday marked by the deaths of 1271 civilians and rebel fighters, thousands were injured and hundreds of homes destroyed.

The fighting occurred in almost all regions, marking one of the deadliest weeks of the fighting, with at least 400 soldiers killed and more than 400 others were arrested, mostly in the north-western province of Idlib.

1.5 million Syrian people displaced in the conflict but still living in Syria, while others fled to the Turkish border. UNHCR said that between 2,000 to 3,000 people have fled across the border every day from Syria, so the number of displaced more than 340,000.

Rebel fighters shot down Assad fighter jet Video:

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